Creative Circle releases 2017 Rankings

The Creative Circle, which promotes creativity in advertising and brand communication in South Africa, has released its final Rankings for 2017 for individual agencies and groups. This Ranking includes 2017 results from Cannes, D&AD, Loeries, One Show and the Creative Circle Annual Awards.

Pete Khoury, Creative Circle Chairman & Chief Creative Officer at TBWA\Hunt Lascaris, said that the rankings are important as they give recognition to local agencies as well as provide a barometer on the standard of work coming out of the Industry.

The Creative Circle represents South African advertising agencies, and only Creative Circle members are included in the rankings. “The Creative Circle Rankings are the guiding benchmark for South African agencies’ and are reflective of the consistent top performers over the year,” says Khoury.

He comments that, “This year it’s notable that we not only see some familiar faces which indicates consistently good output from the industry, but some new ones too, which reflects its state of competition and growth.”

All the ranked agencies and agency groups are listed in the tables below.

To see how the Creative Circle Rankings are calculated, click here.

Creative Circle – Final Rankings 2017 – Individual Agencies   Creative Circle – Final Rankings 2017 – Agency Groups
Rank Agency   Category Agency Group
1. Ogilvy Johannesburg   1. Ogilvy
2. Hunt Lascaris Johannesburg   2. TBWA\
3. Native VML   3. Native VML
4.  Y&R South Africa   4. FCB Africa
5. FCB Johannesburg   5. Y&R
6. FoxP2   6. FoxP2
7. King James   7. King James Group
8. Openco   8. Grey
9. Grey Africa   9. DDB
10. DDB   10. Mullen Lowe
10. Ogilvy Cape Town   11. BBDO
12. Grid   12 Joe Public Group
12. FCB Cape Town   13. Publicis
14. Mullen Lowe   14. North VCA
15. Net#work BBDO  
16. Joe Public United
16. Geometry Global
18. Publicis Machine Cape Town
19. North VCA